Margaret Kyle
Acrylic, Watercolor, Portraits

Life is full of transition moments. I am in one now as I move from the Autumn to Winter of my life. I can often feel suspended in time -- caught in a breath-holding moment, not quite sure how to navigate through the change -- yet knowing that life does not stand still but moves along in the flow of time.  My latest acrylic paintings use natural forms from nature as a way for me to visualize the experience of transition. The colours echo that time when Autumn is holding its breath -- everything seems caught in that moment from one state to another.  

During a past Autumn I was particularly mindful of the sunflowers in my garden and enjoyed looking at them as they aged, turned colour, and attracted the birds. The decaying heads and twisting many hued-leaves were more interesting at this time of year than when they were just beginning to bloom. The ageing sunflowers made me wonder about the aging process of people and of myself and what could be learned from it all.

Painting the sunflowers has also made me once again passionate about watercolours. It is such a versatile medium, but also tricky. When I paint with watercolour there is no way that I can be concerned with any worry except what is happening with the paint at that very moment. In this way watercolour painting can be very meditative and healthy to do.

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