Margaret Kyle
Acrylic, Watercolor, Portraits

Time to Fly

48 x 30 inches

Acrylic on Canvas


“Timing is everything,” they say. Migrating birds seem to have some mysterious way of knowing just when it is the right time to fly south/north. Is it changes in the angle of the sun, air temperature, food supply, or some mysterious urging? Or maybe a combination of all of these? Whatever it is, there comes a time when migrating birds feel the compulsion to move – to make a huge change. From a human standpoint, there are times in our lives when we also sense that it is “Time to Fly” – time to make changes either literally or metaphorically. It could mean a change in attitude, career, relationship, or location to name a few. It is interesting to me to delve into the timing and reasoning around life-changing decisions. As an intuitive person I often rely on some inner voice or feelings for insight, although as I age this inner voice tends not to be listened to so compulsively as when I was younger.

The painting, “Time to Fly” captures that moment of decision making with energy and movement in the flight of a large number of abstracted birds winging their way to some distant location.

Time to Fly